Asylum Mental Health Network

Who We Are
Hi! This website is the main landing page for the Asylum Mental Health network. We are a collection of Websites, Chatrooms and IRC Servers dedicated to peer support, aiming that support at people with mental health problems. Our rooms concentrate on depression, bipolar and anxiety but we also have rooms for games and cooking. This site is run by some of the same people who chat in the rooms and that gives us unique insight to make a different kind of chatroom. We try to offer a real life alternative to some of the options available online, we prefer to keep the conversations healthy and not focused completely on mental health. We talk about anything from food and pets, to medications and insomnia. We do ask that you follow certain rules for each room that you can find at Crazy Peeps,, or


What We Do
We use open-source software and servers to run our own network and offer secure connections with anonymity to people who want to talk about their mental health problems, or the problems of a loved one, family member or partner. Recently we decided to move away from flash based chat experiences due to its expiry date coming up soon, and in its place we put and KiwiIRC. We have included conference call software, VOIP services, inline pictures, URL previews and normal IRC services. Our main purpose is to bring together people with similar experiences to help each other out and we hope this experience is helpful.


Why We Are Here
The Asylum Mental health Network was born from Crazy Peeps and MixedNuts joining forces and deciding to make an IRC network dedicated to our own brand of support. We wanted a fun and supportive place to chat without ridiculous rules and free of overbearing moderation. These are chatrooms for adults, and as such we appreciate a certain amount of self-moderation by using tools like ignore if you find certain members annoying or too much energy. Both MixedNuts and CrazyPeeps were born of dissent, we both split off and broke free from other chat networks with the idea of doing things in a better way. Along our journey we have joined with extra servers and chatrooms like and bullshit-irc.